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Who We Are

We are FJK Visuals, a small media company based out of Frisco, Colorado specializing in branding, advertising and bringing ideas to life.

Where We’re From

With roots in the Midwest, FJK Visuals started with a simple passion to document action sports like climbing, skiing and mountain biking in the Upper Great Lakes region. With a relocation to the Rockies in 2013, FJK Visuals founder Frank King began applying his passion for action sports videography and photography to his new mountainous environment, where he currently resides with his girlfriend Courtney and their Border Collie Harlow.

Where We’re Going

Where we’re going: With humble roots and a vision for the future, FJK Visuals continues to produce stunning video and photo for all mediums, including web, catalog and editorial (have you been published in any magazines or newspaper?). Through continuous improvement, high personal standards and a deep passion for the outdoors, we promise to maintain the quality, affordability and punctuality that has impressed our past and present clients time and time again.


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