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During my college years I had professors tell me that life as an artist gets a lot harder after college but I never took note of this. I was confident in my craft. Now a year after college graduation I have started to learn what they were talking about.

5 Things I have learned since College

Lose Your Fear

  • Putting yourself out there is a lot easier in a class with 50 other people who are also doing the same thing. But when you are trying to convince someone to invest in your work, it is a different story.  When trying to convince some one to invest in you, it is easy and natural to revert to your more basic and stock photography/ cinematography work. Unfortunately to be great you must be different. In the words of Chase Jarvis “Don’t aim to be better, aim to be different”.

Work Doesn’t Find You

  • During school, assignments and projects are handed to you and you are expected to complete them. After College if you want to continue working in your field, you need to find your own projects. As a commercial photographer this means finding clients. As much as I thought a quality website would attract clients I was wrong.  To find work you need to pound the pavement. Knock on doors and start the conversation.

You Will Fail

  • Falling sucks but it is essential to learning. Admit your failures. This may mean you give away work for free but you are at least keeping a relationship that will hopefully be beneficial.   After you fail reflect on it and make sure you fully understand what went wrong. All ways remember P5. Prier preparation prevents poor performance.

Social Events Are Mandatory

  • In College I always wanted to keep my work private. I kept to myself and used as few models as I could. This is not a great business model for any photographer. If you want to be a photographer in an industry like skiing, you need to go to all the movie premieres and events you can. It is here that you will make connections a build a network.

Sign a Contract Every Time.

  • You don’t have to do this in art school and we rarely even discussed this. If you do not have a written agreement that lays out everything that is expected from both parties, you will have trouble. There are many website that can help you create contracts such as  Take the time and write out an agreement. Everyone will be happier. That being said watch out for contracts you don’t want to sign.  Good examples are found here.
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