Moving to Colorado –

While this is not my first time to Colorado nor even my first time moving here, it certainly feels different. I am on a mission to visually capture everything the American West has to offer. Growing up as a ski racer in Northern Michigan I think it is safe to say that the mountains have always been in my future. In my youth, my family for spring break would vacation to Colorado, and Utah. Since the time I first drove from Denver to the high Rockies I knew that I someday I would want to live here.

Now that I am here in Frisco Colorado I have developed a few goals.

  • Be Published in a action sports magazine
  • Create a video that receives 30 thousand views
  • Establish a professional portfolio
  • Maintain a blog

Purpose of this Blog?

This blog will act as a  journal of all of my experiences as I pursue the goals I have  as professional artist.

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